project jesus

  • Its not a church camp, or some weird cult, well not yet at least. Just a small section devoted to my progress on the table I'm building.


Today's picture show the staining of the parts, trying to get all the pieces to match as close as possible even though its two or three types of wood. Currently working on the seal for the top pieces, its a long process that takes patience maybe photos tomorrow.



so phase two was put into progress on christmas, I began fabrication of some new legs, these new legs aren't every day things but occasionally if you want to play cards or a drinking game you need a table that doesn't spin and has a bit more height. Its slightly higher than your standard table but that's so its usable for those of us who are six feet and above. Parts, construction, and potential operation today: next stages and final product later on this week.


-phase i is mostly complete, a functioning table is now present. I need to procure a few extra washers to ensure that it is as level as possible but its done and fully functional, it even moves up and down, can your table do that , I highly doubt it.


-a few days since my last update. Since then I've filed down the wood (it didn't make for interesting pictures) and sanded the edges. Well I applied some stain to the wood and it looks really good. The board has two sides that could act as a table top. They've both had like two coats of stain and I will probably use the darker side (unless someone makes a persuasive argument towards the lighter side). I'm hoping to glue the frame to the top tomorrow and hopefully i'll post some images of completed phase I of project jesus.


-The first day of non design related work. I built a frame to set the table top on and purchased a piece to be my table top.

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